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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Aspiring Artist

Our oldest grandson loves to paint. Whenever he gets the chance, he creates the most colorful images. Even though he is still using water color paint, he has already expressed the desire to make his creations in 'real' paint as he calls it.

During Spring Break, we had all the time in the world to do some painting. I thought I would give it another go as well, since my previous works didn't really turn out the way I wanted.

So, we set down together. Let the fun begin. Our grandson painted whatever came to mind like a TV, door, flowers, etc., while I took the vase of flowers in front of me as my example.

We both were happy and excited with the result of our projects and they found a place on the wall in our grandson's room.

A few days later, great-grandma asked for a painting by our grandson. She is in the hospital and wanted to cheer up her room.

He was thrilled and enthusiastically went to work. The painting he produced was totally the opposite of his previous handiwork and it turned out gorgeous.

Great-grandma will be so proud to put the work of our aspiring artist on display. I know for sure his grandma is! :-)

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