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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Scissor Art Materials and Equipment

It is hard to believe how many different types, sizes, and appearances scissors come in and the choice is just as enormous as their functionality; there are specific scissors for all kinds of different industries and purposes.

From cutting grass to sheep shears, from all purpose kitchen scissors to heavy metal shears, from fabric scissors to trauma shears, you name it and there is a pair of scissors or shears for it and they are not difficult to find either; major supermarket chains, craft stores, DIY stores, fabric stores and online stores offer them in abundance.

They are rather cheap and laying your hands on them is not a problem, the equipment you need for a project is another story which might go up there money-wise. You may need an anvil to hammer and bend them into shape and soldering tools to fuse them together when creating a larger work of art which requires multiple pair of scissors.

That may be worth your while when you plan on making this craft your hobby. I suspect bracelets like these will be gone in no time, but you can also resort to cheaper solutions such as gluing them on a background and framing them, or taking pictures and using those to give a room a unique touch.

You will not find many instructions, books, and examples pertaining to this art, but I have no doubt that with some imagination and creativity you will come up with several unique projects of your own!

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