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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Creativity With Nylon Fabric

When speaking about nylon art, people foremost think of flowers, butterflies, and other small sculptures. The type of material used for this craft usually consists of the 'panty hose' kind, but there are more nylon materials which lend themselves very well for all kinds of craft applications.

The same colorful material which is normally used for parachutes can also be used for creating wonderful, unique works of art. I have seen overalls and aprons made out of this Nylon Fabric and due to its quick drying and mildew resistant properties that is a great choice.

The vibrant colors and wide selection of fiber sizes it comes in would make for great flower arrangements and since it is stretch resistant, it can also easily be used for wrapping around a picture or art work frame, without having to be afraid it eventually will loose its sleek, modern look.

I am quite sure you can come up with more, arty purposes for nylon fabric and knowing that it can easily handle low temperatures and can also be treated to resist the high ones, opens up a realm of possibilities and options for many crafts and hobbies, but you can always use it to create your own, one of a kind parachute, of course!

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