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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Scissor Art - History of Scissors

Wow, I had no idea scissors already were around in 1500 BC. They were called 'spring scissors', because they consisted out of two blades held together in the middle by a thin strip which allowed the user to squeeze them together and pulled the blades back apart upon release.

This type of scissors was used for a very long time and was usually made from bronze or iron. They were common in Europe up until and throughout the fifteenth century. The modern type as we use today finds its origin in 100 AD, was invented by the Romans and used in the Roman Empire, China, Japan and Korea.

Slowly, but surely, the pivoted scissors came in swing and found favor in the eyes of the greater public. In 1761, Robert Hinchliffe from London, made the first pair of scissors as we still use today and he is said to be the first scissor manufacturer, although the title is also attributed to William Whiteley & Sons from Sheffield, who supposedly started making scissors in 1760.

Nowadays, we take them for granted and we all probably have more then one pair of scissors in our homes. The next time you reach for them, take a moment to consider the long history of this small, handy tool!

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