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Arts and Crafts

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Steve Blanchard's Work

Starting out by sculpting miniature redwood trees, Steve Blanchard distinguished himself from other artists by adding tree limbs, but quickly moved on to miniature tree carvings and from there on to animals, wood spirits, benches, and eventually to unique tree houses which slowly but surely grew out to an entire village called Itsyville.

Blanchard is a self-made artist and a great example of how practice makes perfect. When starting out, he tried to improve himself with each project and we can most certainly say that he succeeded.

At the moment, Steve Blanchard works from Salinas in California and as the head of Blanchard Wood Sculptures, carving tree houses, starring as the main attraction at competitive events and up to the challenge of carving commissioned works. He creates about ten or twelve tree houses a year, which he sells for approximately around $25,000 each.

The profits go right back into the never-ending development of Itsyville and at the moment he is working on a series of children's books, featuring the residents of this miniature village; the Itsies and the Podots.

Maybe at one point in time he can get around to carving an image of James Dean, since Steve can relate to the rebellious character of this 'rebel without a cause'. One thing is for sure: Steve Blanchard may be a rebel, but he has a cause and it is an amazing, very artistic one!

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