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Friday, December 30, 2011

Soap Box Art - Materials and Equipment

It may not be easy to find some of the old, wooden soap boxes, but you may be in luck and locate some online.

Personally, I don't think I would want to cut them up and use them for a hobby; those crates are already a treasure and can be either showcased as they are, or used to display other items like this flower arrangement for example.

You will have fewer problems finding empty detergent and other soap boxes; you can save the ones you have and/or ask family and friends.

Whatever you intend doing with them; you should probably count on having paper, scissors, a hobby knife and glue within reach.

This mailbox may give you some ideas of what to use the soap boxes for, but they can also easily be converted into jewelry or treasure boxes. They can even come in handy as storage for all your craft items.

There are several examples and instructions on the Internet, even for when you do decide to build a soap box car. The equipment you need for that totally depends on your design, but I am sure most of it can be found in your tool box.

That just prompted another idea; creating a tool box out of a soap box!

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