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Friday, December 30, 2011

Natural Works of Art

Even though many of us produce some wonderful artwork, the best artist is still Mother Nature. The incredible colors she unfolds before our eyes, the unique shapes of mountains, rivers, diversity in landscape, and so much more, present us with some stunning views and amazing scenery.

I was watching a documentary on TV about glaciers the other day and was blown away by the uncanny, different shades of blue which all the deep crevises in the ice displayed. It sure would be great to experience all this up close and personal by visiting the patagonia glaciers in Chile.

I can only imagine what it must be like to see huge icebergs drifting around and it would be very exciting floating by one, knowing it once was part of the patagonia glaciers. Being able to admire Mother Nature's handiwork from such a short distance, while standing on the deck of a boat, is like a dream come true.

It may be best to see glaciers from a distance, because there are a lot of dangers coupled with actually being on one. The ice near a crevis may be brittle and break, many deep sinkholes can pop up out of nowhere, and hypothermia is a real possibility. Whether it concerns the patagonia glaciers or glaciers elsewhere, caution is required.

It doesn't diminish the beauty of these works of art though and they most certainly a worth a visit!

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