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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Paint Stick Art - Materials and Equipment

It is not difficult to lay your hands on a lot of these wooden paint stir sticks, because they are sold online for already as low as 12 cents a piece.

You even have the choice between 10 inch and 14 inch paint sticks and if you like to purchase a small amount, or in bulk.

There are several craft projects, ideas, and instructions which also can be found on the Internet and are not very hard to create.

As far as equipment goes, you definitely need to keep craft glue or a glue gun handy and a saw would probably be a wise choice as well. Some screws, a screw driver, nails and a hammer may be in order, depending on the project.

You have the option to either leave the wooden paint stir sticks natural, paint, stain, or varnish them, in which case you can use some of the left-overs you have saved.

Just keep in mind not to use all the paint sticks; you will have to use one stirring up the colors you have chosen for your project!

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