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Friday, March 11, 2011

Very Tempting

While doing my previous post and learning about all the options of crayons, it dawned on me how awesome it would be if I had some T-shirts I could give away with a print of my pencil drawings on them.

It would be a simple task to get 72 Custom printed t-shirts for just a few dollars each and have them shipped for free to our humble abode. Giving them away would be a great way of bringing my art to people's attention.

Of course the printed tees would be of a high quality brand name like either Gildan, Hanes, or Port Co. for instance, so they will hold up real good and keep their form and fit. That will not only benefit the wearer, but my art as well.

I also read that there was the option of having logos, or artwork in my case, embroidered on the shirts. That is a catch 22; I really like both and have to take some time to make my choice, before I would send in my logo or image.

Maybe I will start with the printed shirts, although embroidery sounds tempting as well. Very tempting indeed!

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