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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Push Pin Art II

Even though they go by many names, there is a slight difference. The pins used for this art were initially intended as map pins and also called that way.

The inventor was Edwin Moore who sold his hand made creations around 1900. He described them as "a pin with a handle" and within no time the pins were a hit and on July 19, 1904, the "Moore Push-Pin Company" was founded.

The thumbtack on the other hand, is said to be invented around 1888 by the Austrian factory owner Heinrich Sachs. Other sources claim it was invented around 1902 - 1903 by either clockmaker Johann Kirsten from Germany, or by Mick Clay from England.

Either way, Otto Lindstedt, a businessman, bought and patented the idea for the thumbtack on 8 January 1904 and became a millionaire. He saw the potential in it and put it to good use.

That's what I call being as sharp as a tack!

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