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Arts and Crafts

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Bobbin Art II

Bobbin finds its origin in passementerie, which is making ornaments from gold and silver threads to spruce up clothing. In the 1500s in Italy, braids and other trimmings were made from it and attached to the apparel.

Over time, gold and silver was replaced by silk and eventually by bleached fine linen, which resulted in lace being a lot cheaper to fabricate and also easier to master.

Soon, many European women filled the great demand for lace and made some extra money by practising this craft, while it was also taught in charity schools, almshouse and convents.

Most lace we buy nowadays is made by machines and the art of bobbin-made lace has limited itself to being just a hobby, although you can still admire the art, demonstrated by lace makers in several countries who sell their products to tourists.

If you get the chance to watch them in action, then please do; you will be amazed watching their handiwork!

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