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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Stunning Art

The other day, I heard about a 94 year old lady who warded off a robber with her handbag. I am glad she succeeded, but there are a lot more people who didn't and ended up being seriously injured and deprived of their belongings.

It sure made me stop and think about what the world we live in has come to. At present it seems like our society almost requires carrying some sort of self defense device, sadly enough.

Most women are already equipped with pepper spray, but I think I would rather prefer having a Flashlight Stun Gun, because of its functionality; it a flash light, it is small, has an alarm, and is quite stunning when needed.

Even though I am not very crazy about the fact that we have to protect ourselves from others, it is better to be safe then sorry and this little device packs a better punch then I could ever muster up!

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