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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The North and South: Book Two

Guest post written by Christine Duncan

Although the splendor of The North and South was something fantastic to behold, given the locations of the Old South and the drama initiated by the conflicts between the main characters of Orrie Main and George Hazzard, North and South: Book Two offers, not only a continuation of the original story, but also more intrigue and drama. Delving into the lives of many of the characters in the original story more deeply, this mini-series not only incorporates many of the high points of the Civil War into its drama, but does so in such a way that the characters are intertwined in the intrigue.

While the original story of The North and South left off with the events leading up to the Civil War, Book Two picks up just as the war is about to go into full force. Although Orrie and George still share a bond of friendship, because of their opposing beliefs they must push their concern for each other down in order to do what they consider to be their patriotic duty. Each becomes embroiled in their own personal trials at the hands of their enemies, eager to see their destruction in order to find success in the failures of another. One of the most amazing aspects of this saga is to see how several stories become intertwined in the end. After seeing the first episode at a friends house I was sold and decided to compare Dish vs satellite TV and choose satellite in order to be able to watch it at home!

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