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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tin Can Art - Materials and Equipment

You don't really need much for this hobby; a few soda cans (empty of course), hammer, hole puncher, craft knife, file and pliers. It could well be that a sturdy pair of household scissors may do the trick as well.

Tin can art however does not limit itself to soda cans. In case you like your end product to be more durable, then the tin cans, in which the vegetables etc. are sold in, probably will be the route to go.

A Jig saw might come in handy to cut out different and intricate patterns, like the candle holders on the right. It seems to me that the possibilities are endless; just let your creative juices flow.

Several books on this hobby are around, to give you ideas and instructions. You may find them in the craft stores and they can definitely be bought online. I did not find any workshops, but you may want to check around in your area.

One thing is for sure: you don't have to worry about messing up. There is only a little time and effort lost, but the materials are cheap and easy to come by and you can start over fresh, equipped with some more experience.

As for the cans that did not make it to become art this time; throw them in the garbage, they will be recycled, return to live another life as a can and... might end up being art after all. :-)

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