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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Opening Doors

This post brought to you by NMEDA. All opinions are 100% mine.

People with disabilities often have a hard time getting out and about and in some cases they don't get out at all, simply because they don't have transportation that is wheelchair-accessible and adapted to their needs.

NMEDA (National Mobility Equipment Dealer Association) strives to unify and improve the mobility equipment industry and service to people with disabilities and has come up with a very creative solution to the problem; it gives the option to those with a disability to locate accredited QAP (quality assurance program) dealers who can provide and modify suitable transportation.


This recognized, accreditation QAP program only applies to NMEDA dealers and is all geared towards promoting quality, safety, and reliability within the mobility equipment industry. All NMEDA QAP dealers offer 24 hour local emergency assistance, on-site sales and support, and they offer in-person individual evaluations.

All the members such as mobility equipment dealers, manufacturers, driver rehabilitation specialists and other professionals, work together to improve transportation options of people with disabilities. That means they no longer have to stare at the walls and feel them closing in on them.

It actually means freedom; the freedom to go when and where they want, the freedom to socialize, and best of all; the freedom to take part in life again. Visit NMEDA's website to learn more and locate a QAP certified dealer near you.

It is so simply, quick and easy to enhance the quality of life for you or your loved one; visit a NMEDA QAP (Quality Assurance Program) Dealer for mobility solutions and open the door to life and independence by opening the door of a wheelchair accessible vehicle and adaptive equipment!

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