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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

T-Shirt Art Materials and Equipment

T-Shirts have always been and still are fairly cheap and extremely easy to come by; almost every clothing store and supermarket sells them.

The beauty of cutting up old shirts is that the fabric doesn't ravel, but thin strips will curl up. That comes in handy for knitting and crocheting, but when unwanted for other projects, simply iron them.

In case you have used up all your own, old, unused shirts, but don't want to buy new ones then buying them at second hand stores are a good, less expensive alternative.

Many of the projects require a pair of scissors and needle and thread, unless you focus on fabric painting in which case brushes and fabric paint are needed.

For printing, you will need a machine, but a simple design is also easily cut out of a potato, or you can use rubber stamps.

There is no lack of inspiration which can be found online, including t-shirt art designs, templates, projects and supplies.

For a more professional look you can put T-shirt art software to good use and there are even contests which you can enter.

There are so many projects for T-shirt art that it is unlikely you will not find one that suits you. Just have a look online, decide what you like to fabricate and tee off your new hobby!

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