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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Small Thing, Huge Difference

The popularity of T-shirts has only increased over the decades and it is hard to imagine this garment will ever disappear from the fashion scene. I wouldn't want it too, since it comes in so many different colors which can easily be mixed and matched with practically anything and is extremely comfortable to wear.

Although I can appreciate a well printed slogan or image on a shirt, I gravitate more towards the embroidered ones. It is my personal opinion that toronto embroidery adds just a little more class and style to the tees and definitely holds up much better then a print. My experiences with the latter are that after several washes it cracks or even comes off.

Embroidery has been practiced for centuries and was in high demand by clergy and nobility who had their images and emblems hand-stitched on almost every item. Embroidery took patience and know-how and was practiced by those who had turned this form of art into their profession.

Even though it is done by machines nowadays, it still is a wonderful artistic expression of craftsmanship which never lost any of its 'high society' status and character. It is therefore no wonder that many businesses resort to and prefer logo embroidery over printing.

It is one of those small things that make a huge difference!

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