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Arts and Crafts

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Ornament Additions

It is my suspicion you already took down the Christmas tree and put up all the holiday decorations. We sure did and we ended up with more then we had previously. Our grandson had put his creativity to good use at school and surprised us with several cute ornaments.

The wreath he made was so cool and found a special place on our wall. I tried to figure out how it was made, but I decided not to wreck my brain over it and quickly found a tutorial online.

He also added a gingerbread man, a pine cone hanger, and a painted, hand-sculpted, salt dough Christmas tree to our collection.

As if that was not enough yet, he got me a pretty snow globe as a present. It so turned out he made that as well. Wow, our little man sure is creative. I will try to encourage that as much as possible.

It doesn't take much to make a snow globe; a mason jar, one (or a few figurines, glue, glitter, and water of course.

Glue the figurines onto the lid. Sprinkle some glitter in the jar and fill it up with water. Carefully put the figurines through the opening, screw the lid on tight, and you are all done.

Oh, don't forget to turn it upside down and make it snow!

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