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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Finding Security

I was not so happy hearing this morning how in and around our area there have been 109 burglaries in the past 129 days. Just the idea of someone gaining unwanted access to our house, going through and taking our belongings, already sends chills down my spine, let alone the feeling of insecurity which would haunt us 24/7.

Maybe we ought to consider having a security alarm installed. Many residencies and businesses have already done so and for good reason. The crime rate is going up and protecting your home and business is a must, whether you live here or need home security clancy and surroundings.

You don't have to believe me; just turn on the TV and watch your local station. You will be surprised how many burglaries will be made mention of during the few minutes you are watching http://www.localtv-satellite.com. That should be enough to impress on you the importance of a security alarm.

I sincerely hope it will never have to go off, but when it does, you will be glad you have one!

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