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Arts and Crafts

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Calligraphy Art - Materials and Equipment

The materials you will need for this craft are: pen and/or brushes, calligraphy paper, ink and a stylus. Most of these you can buy in hobby and craft stores, or online. It may be helpful to buy a calligraphy starter kit when you are about to give it a go.

You may find it very comforting to know that there are many calligraphy books and magazines, classes, examples, exercises, guides, videos, worksheets, stencils, and even software for your computer available.

In case you get good at putting this swirly, curly writing to paper, it can even generate some extra income. You may be able to find a job, since there are several companies who would love to put your creative ability to good use.

There are many different types of calligraphy writing and I have no doubt you will find one that strikes your fancy. I suspect once you mastered one, you will not have many problems learning the other ones.

In case you don't have the time to practice this art, but still would like to adorn a document or card with unique writing, then you also have the option of buying rubber and metal calligraphy stamps.

It sure is worth trying your hand at this beautiful, old art!

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