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Friday, May 06, 2011

A Good Car

Even though we have a good, nice vehicle at the moment, there are still times when we miss our previous one. It had all the creature comforts you could imagine, great seating, and hardly gave us any problems; for many years, all that it needed was the common maintenance.

Our previous van was a Nissan Quest and even though it was practically 15 years old, it was still running good. Up to one point that is; the motor cut off while driving and it would take about ten minutes before it would crank up again.

Eventually, this occurred more often and we had no clue what caused it. At first we suspected it might be water in the gas tank, but I read that this is a typical Nissan Quest problem and more people experienced the same annoyance.

There are some good solutions to solving this problem and had we known about the solution before, we probably would have fixed it and still be driving it. We anticipated though that the costs of repairs would be more then our Nissan was worth and decided to replace it.

Yeah, we liked that old van and as I mentioned before; we still miss it from time to time!

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