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Monday, September 16, 2013

The Origin Of The Hula Hoop

I didn't think the hula hoop had been around for very long, but I stood corrected. It appears that this form of entertainment and fun has already been around for thousands of years. The hoops were usually created using dried willow, rattan, grapevines, or stiff grasses.

It became very popular in England during the 14th century, when doctors described it as an excellent cure for stiffness and pain in the back. It may not have necessarily been called hula-hooping at that time. Apparently, the name 'hula' was added in the 1700s and was attributed to the same hip-movements used in Hawaiian dances.

The enthusiasm decreased substantially when hooping was related to more heart attacks, but it revived towards the end of the 1950s when a Californian toy company presented the public with a plastic hoop. Within a few months, millions were sold.

There is a wide selection in hoops these days. There are light-weight and heavier hoops, smaller and larger ones available. It all depends on what you want to use them for.

Their appearance differs largely as well; from colorful hoops to glow-in-the-dark to sparkly to clear ones filled with all kinds of interesting items such as glitter, plastic balls, and more.

I wasn't aware of the fact that there are even collapsible hoops available and there are also some that come with a switch which turns on built-in lights. I suppose that sparked the creation of this unique light fixture.

Either way, whether you hoop for fun, to exercise, or use the hoop to create art with, the hula hoop will square the circle!

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