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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Disabled Or Enabled

I have a question that I like to pose here.

Does RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) really disable us? Physically yes, to a certain degree anyway. But that is not all that life is about. There is a reason for everything. We may not always understand it, but God knows!

My experience is that it made me look for other abilities in myself and opened new doors for me. For instance...I could draw a little when I was younger ( not that I consider myself old, by no means. As I tell my hubby when he complains about getting old: "come back when you are 94!" haha). My drawing was no better than any average kid, but I could draw what I saw a little better then some others. I never did anything to improve it or even to exercise it. Until about 3 years ago.

My husband's testimony led to me being saved, for which I am so grateful. I began to study the Bible and saw images in my head of what I read. And I had the urge to put it on paper. I started to draw the Biblical images I had and God blessed me. And He kept on blessing me. I draw portraits now too, and as I am told, reasonably well.

This is just an example of how God can use me. I don't know what the drawing may be good for, but I have faith.

In time He will show. The thing is, a limitation may spark other abilities. Try not to get discouraged over what you can not do. Look for what you can do!

So let me rephrase the question....How has RA enabled you?

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