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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Nature's Gift

I have always considered Nature to be one of the most wonderful creations. I enjoy it thoroughly. I hear you...What has that got to do with RA or arthritis? Well, here is the connection:

When I learned I had RA (which was about a year after it started. It took about half a year before it showed up in my blood and another half year before they could determine by it's course what type it was) I was told that eventually, I might end up in a wheel chair. Now that was very disturbing to me, almost devastating. It took me about three days to cope with that and then I thought: NO WAY! I did not accept that at all ( and still don't ). If there was any way, or possibility, to prevent that, then I would find it. So I started looking around for alternatives besides medication. Sometimes being hardheaded comes in handy haha.

I came across Homeopathy. What I learned was that Homeopathic medicine was extracted from plants and completely natural, stimulating the body to heal itself. So I figured it couldn't hurt to try it and I found a real good Homeopathic Doctor nearby ( That was in the Netherlands, long ways off if you don't live there haha, but I listed some sites below where you could find one, if you are interested). He was very honest with me and told me he could not cure it, but he could keep me out of the wheel chair. That was all I needed!
It took not long to find the right homeopathic medicine. And I have had nothing but only good results and experiences with it. The time between the activity of RA got longer and longer, and up till now it has been years since it was really active. I consulted my Rheumatologist before I decided to try it. She fully supported me and saw no harm in it. The homeopathic medicine was not a substitute for the medication she gave me, but worked in combination with it. Neither the Rheumatologist nor the Homeopathic Doctor undermined eachother's authority or treatment.

I used to be very skeptical towards alternative healing. ( Seemed like witchcraft to me, yeah...I read too many fairy-tales haha). But I saw and experienced the results. Not just concerning my own health, but my daughters as well. My oldest was cured from severe ear infections after one visit to the same doctor. She never had it again, while it was the order of the day constantly. My youngest had an eating disorder, which was gone as well after one treatment. I don't believe in luck. I believe in God's Blessing:-)

"Homeopathy assesses the whole person, and focuses on disease prevention and health enhancement using natural medicines and patient education. Homeopathic medicines stimulate the body's ability to heal itself. Many health conditions can benefit from homeopathic care. Homeopathy is particularly effective in the treatment of long-term chronic diseases, as well as the prevention and reduction of acute conditions."

I also learned that there is a difference between a Homeopath and a Homeopathic Doctor. The last one has a medical degree, while that is not necessary for the first one. Most Health Insurances cover only the last, and then not all expenses either. Worth while to inquire before you decide to give it a go.

To find a Homeopathic Doctor near you, check out these sites:

link link link


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