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Friday, May 27, 2011

A Vision of Cheap Art

I always find it very impressive when someone is able to combine creativity and great quality and put the end result on the market with an extremely low price tag attached, so that others can enjoy it too.

It gets even better when style, fashion and great design are taken in account and incorporated as well converting a common, daily item in to a wonderful project of art. That is exactly what Zenni Optical delivers when it comes to prescription eyeglasses.

You can already obtain a work of art for as low as $6.95 and it doesn't take much to do it; your prescription, your pupillary distance and a few minutes of your time. I do think you will have a problem picking out a frame due to the enormous choice, but for such a cheap price you can afford several pairs.

However, according to this article http://www.10tv.com/live/content/consumer10/stories/2011/05/25/story-columbus-zenni-optical-cheap-glasses.html?sid=102, there are still several people who are rather apprehensive when it comes to ordering these cheap eyeglasses online. I understand their reasoning, but when you take in to consideration what a great value and excellent quality you can have for the lowest price ever, I wouldn't have to think twice about taking advantage of that.

I would probably be one of the first walking around with the state of the art right in front of my eyes!

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