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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Walking Stick Art - Materials and Equipment

In order to find a good walking stick, you may not have to look far; a branch of a tree in your backyard could already fit the bill. You will have to cut it to the right length though and that could present a little problem if the cane is for someone else.

The best length for a walking stick is the measurement from floor to the crease of a person's wrist, while the person is standing up straight, is wearing shoes and the arms are hanging loosely at the sides.

Another way of finding the right length for the stick is to bend the arm in a 90 degree angle and measure from floor to the palm of the hand. Be sure to do this on the side where the stick will be used, because some people can be a little lopsided.

If you have decided to carve the stick, you will need carving tools. For decorating the stick otherwise, brushes, paint and varnish, or metal and tools for working with the latter are necessary.

Ensure to strip the bark if you are using a branch, but if you can't find one, there is always the option of using a wooden broom stick. You also have the choice buying rubber tips and handles, if you don't feel like making those; many can be found and ordered online.

One more tip: when choosing and carving the walking stick, keep in mind it will have to be strong enough to hold a person's weight. This will keep someone from getting hurt and you from wasting all your time and effort!

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