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Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Light Art - Materials and Equipment

Around this time of year you will have no problem finding strings of Christmas lights; they can be found galore in almost every store.

It may present a slight problem finding them in different colors, but you can always order those online in case your local stores don't carry them.

Depending on what you intend to decorate with the lights; there is also the choice between different sizes of lights. The smaller ones are excellent for accentuating bushes, trees, figurines, and other more detailed projects. The larger ones will make more of a statement and immediately draw the eye.

You won't need much; a hammer, some nails, a ladder, and maybe an extension cord or two, and you are ready to go.

Small lights are also great for indoor decorating and I thought these jars, filled with those small lights, were a simple, but excellent example of thinking outside the box.

If you like it to be even more decorative, then get a glass brick and carefully push a string of lights through the hole. You can give a little more pizazz to it by wrapping some ribbons and a bow around the tile.

It is a small project, but it has a huge effect!

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