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Arts and Crafts

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

The Fine Arts Of New Zealand

A while back I dove into art which was typical for and created by the Aboriginal people of Australia. That prodded me to investigate the arts and crafts of the indigenous people of New Zealand; the Maoris.

My interest was mainly focused on finding out if there were any differences between them and if so, what those were.

It didn't come as a shock finding similarities since these cultures are literally not that far apart, but there were some differentials as well.

The art of both is often composed of mainly earth tones and much of it is wood art and wood carving in particular.

The greatest difference I found was in the fact that a lot of the Maori art is centered around and focused on tattooing.

I sure wouldn't mind living in New Zealand and exploring all the native arts and crafts up close and personal. Finding an abode shouldn't be much of a problem and neither is financing it. A cheap home loan is quickly and easily found, so all that is taken care of in a jiffy.

Even though I posses some arty skills and abilities, I don't think my talents are good enough to make it as an artist. To put bread on the table, I would get a job through one of the recruitment Agencies and sustain a good way of living.

That would also provide me with the necessary means to buy my art and craft materials and I might finally pick up painting as a hobby.

There sure is no lack of subject matter in New Zealand. The diversity in landscape offers so many gorgeous scenes which appeal to my creativity and are a huge inspiration.

I am therefore not in the least surprised to see that Video Production Auckland is a thriving business. Combine their talents and abilities with the beauty of Mother Nature and you have a recipe for success.

High on my agenda would be visiting the Auckland Art & Craft Fair. This event takes place twice a year; one day in summer and one day in winter.

The next fair for this year is scheduled on December 7th and if you have the opportunity to go then please do. You will not regret admiring the artwork of designers, artists, and crafters.

You may even go home as the proud owner of some of New Zealand's fine art!

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