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Monday, September 23, 2013

Hula Hoop Fun Facts

While we are on the subject, I thought I would share some fun facts about the hula hoop. Did you know for instance that there is an International Holiday World Hoop Day and that the hoop has gotten a prominent place in the National Toy Hall of Fame in Rochester, New York, since 1999?

There are several records set such as 74 hours and 54 minutes for twirling the hula hoop around the longest, and an impressive 132 hoops twirled simultaneously. Both records were set in 2009.

There is a record for running while twirling a hula hoop around and 4,483 people made it into the Guinness Book of Records for 'swinging' on music for seven minutes with a hoop circling their waists.

The largest hula hoop ever made had a diameter of 45.55 feet. Several songs which are dedicated to this toy have been composed over the years of which the Hula Hoop Song by Georgia Gibbs in 1958 was the first and probably the best-known.

Due to its popularity during the 1960s, many circus artists incorporated the hoop in their acts. It became part of their routine and nowadays you can admire some uncanny performances when you visit the Cirque du Soleil for instance.

With the introduction of the Internet also came a multitude of websites with information on workout routines, hooping clubs, and retailers where you can buy specialized hula hoops.

In case you are bored, grab a hula hoop. It is not only good exercise, but fun too. And that is a fact!

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