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Thursday, November 01, 2007


When I was living in the Netherlands I had a "disability card". This card was issued by a physician of the city department and gave me the right to park in the spaces reserved for disabled. I put it in front of the windshield of the car whenever I made use of one of those parking-spaces. At that time I had trouble walking and couldn't walk long. So, I was grateful to be able while being disabled:-) I walked slow and took my time to do the shopping. Only my hands showed my RA, for the rest one couldn't tell. I can not count the times I parked, got out of the car and noticed the glares of passers-by! I simply ignored those. Several times I was addressed, sometimes friendly, sometimes annoyed, being pointed out that it was a parking-spot for disabled I just parked at. At first I would tell them I knew, and make them aware of the fact there was the card in front of the windshield. Still, the looks of disbelief were there as they went on with their business. Later on, all I did was smile and showed my hands. That worked wonders, haha. Sometimes, but very rarely, an excuse. Most of the times a red face and a fast exit. Forgive me, but I found it amusing:-)

I was shopping with my Mom one day, when we ran into an acquaintance of hers. She introduced us and then reminded her I had RA. Mom almost summoned me to show the lady my hands. I knew she needed to prove she had not been lying, and that there was no ill intent, so I did. ( I prolly would do good in a freak-show, haha.) It just makes it so obvious...I can't see it, therefore I don't believe it. Most people turn into "unbelieving Thomasses". I guess that is nothing new. Very few accept words and trust without seeing. It was so in the days of Christ and still is so today.

Unless you have a visual injury or any evidence of physical discomfort, people don't seem to accept that you have an illness. Is it just me, or have more of y'all noticed?

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