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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Nylon Art - Materials and Equipment

You can use all kinds of materials for this art. In case you like to make floral arrangements floral tape, stem wires and all kinds of different colors of nylon are in order.

For this and other creative ideas you definitely need pliers, glue, thread and you can even use markers or paint. Most of this you can find in the craft stores or online.

You may have a little more difficulty finding all the right colors nylon for your craft project in the stores. Don't despair; they all can be found and purchased online. It is also a good alternative to keep your old pantie hoses, which can be used as material.

There are quite some classes you can take to get skilled in and learn the techniques of this art. Several videos can be watched online as well and many starter kits are available. That comes in handy, because you will everything you need in one package.

Besides all that you can find lots of books on the subject, teaching you step by step how to make the most amazing florals and other things.

Should this craft not be your cup of tea or turn out to be not to your likings, don't throw away the nylon. It is great for removing the squished bugs of your windshields!

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