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Friday, July 13, 2012

Arty Info, News and Savings

Anyone who has seen the movie 'War of the Worlds' will immediately recognize this as one of the war machines which tried to destroy our world.

I found this futuristic looking device on geekalerts.com, where it was featured as one of the latest gadgets on the market. It comes as a preassembled model kit and is one of those Geek Toys which not only appeals to science fiction lovers, but also to those who enjoy building models and have turned this into their hobby.

The site is really worth checking out on a daily basis, because this and many more fun, entertaining and weird gadgets, news and information, can be found here. It also has great discount coupons and promo codes pertaining to some of the best online stores and services and a Target coupon could come in handy for those who are into scrap booking.

To stay up to date each day with all the new items and information, it really would come in handy and be to your advantage if you have an iPad or PC with Internet access. You should have no problems purchasing these devices for a lot cheaper with an Apple promo code which is readily available at the site.

You may find more savings on craft and hobby materials. Don't be a geek and let those pass you up!

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