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Friday, October 05, 2012

Needed Materials For Troll Art

This may be a great idea for the upcoming Halloween in which case you will need some face-paint.

If you like to create your own troll then you can put your imagination and creativity to good use and express it by utilizing wood, iron, paper, fabric, and (polymer) clay to name a few and create sculptures, dolls, and/or costumes.

The material you choose pretty much determines what kind of equipment you will need to realize your project and that can therefore range from carving knives to needle and thread to welding equipment.

Even though you can paint pictures with words, it is recommendable to use oil paint, water color paint, pencils, ink, charcoal or any another medium to bring your fantasy to life on paper or linen.

Here is another creative idea: using nail polish to adorn your nails with some odd, cute, mean-looking, or hilarious troll faces. When you possess the artistic abilities then it's all at your fingertips and in this case that is meant literally.

Don't expect to find many examples or instructions on troll art, because there is very little around on this type of art. You may come across some online, but even those are few and far between.

Don't let that withhold you though from creating your own!

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