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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Litter Inspired Art

I couldn't pass this up and was quite astonished with all the artistic ideas and projects these 15 Nepali artists came up with.

What they did was take the trash that was so graciously left behind by all those who tried to conquer Mount Everest and turned it into art.

That was not an easy task to do, considering that the heap of litter was a whopping 1.7 tons. Can you imagine it took them only 30 days to take it from trash to treasure?

The treasure consists of 75 sculptures which are up for sale in the price range from $15 to $2,300. Part of the proceeds will go towards the effort and energy the artists put into it and the rest will go to the Everest Summiteers' Association.

The latter saw to it that all the garbage was being picked up and carried down the mountain. It took over a year to collect the trash, before it was finally transformed into wind chimes, animal and other sculptures, and wall art.

With Mount Everest being clean again, we can only hope it will stay that way. Mother Nature creates wonderful art and she surely doesn't need us to lend a hand. It is not helping, only hurting!

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