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Friday, December 21, 2012

Delicious Doomsday Art

It is December 21, of the year 2012. For some it is nothing more then just another Friday, but for others it is Doomsday. The Mayan calendar is not going any further than today's date and an apocalypse is said to occur, anticipated, suspected, and even expected by many.

Personally, I don't really believe in 12/21/2012 being the end of the world. I am not psychic though and anything could happen. In case it would, we might as well take off from work, focus on our hobbies and crafts, and sweeten the day as best as we can.

I can not imagine a more pleasurable way of spending this day with the family in the comforts of our home. Since the kitchen is the best place to be, baking some of these delightful Christmas treats is an excellent way to bide the time. Eating them is even more fun!

Recipes and instructions are easily and quickly found online and the grocery stores carry all the needed ingredients and then some.

You certainly won't be spinning your wheels. In case the world is coming to an end then at least the end will be sweet. If it doesn't then at least you will have some delicious treats to serve this upcoming Christmas.

Either way, that sounds like a sweet deal to me!

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