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Arts and Crafts

Monday, December 10, 2012

PVC Art Materials

PVC can be purchased as pipes with different diameters and in all kinds of lengths. It doesn't stop there; there is also a wide variety of shapes available which can be easily glued together, applying specifically for PVC manufactured glue.

The main materials you will need are PVC of course, PVC glue, and a small saw for when you have to modify the length to fit into your project. All this is quickly found in a hardware store or online if you so desire.

From there on out, it is all left up to your ideas, imagination, and creativity. Should you lack inspiration, there are lots of craft ideas, projects, patterns, instructions, books, and examples for both grown-ups and children readily available online.

PVC can easily be painted. Simply sand it down and use Krylon paint in thin layers. Allow for each layer to dry before applying another coat and repeat this until the desired color or effect is achieved.

Another option is gluing fabric, photos, decorative paper, or other craft items like beads, yarn, silk flowers, etc. onto your project.

Cut a PVC pipein half length-wise, turn the halves to where the rounded sides are up and use those for a stand for sculptures or photo frames.

There are many more uses for arts and crafts and I sure would love to hear what you came up with!

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