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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

The Annual Duct Tape Festival

I am constantly surprised finding out about all kinds of festivals which I didn't even know existed and hadn't heard about before. June 15th was already the tenth anniversary of the annual Avon Heritage Duct Tape Festival which took place in Avon, Ohio.

The entire weekend was filled with duct tape floats, costumes, parades, fashion shows, and sculptures.

It was attended by 40,000 admirers, artists, and hobbyists, who all love seeing and crafting unique projects with this material which comes in a wide array of shades. There are over 200 colors, patterns, and designs these days.

The birth of this Duct Tape Festival took place in 2004. Marty Noga and several others were pondering on a festival which would spark new interest and enthusiasm. Upon asking the makers of the Duck duct tape brand if they wanted to be a sponsor they were not only met with a positive reaction, but also with a suggestion for this arty festival.

This year's theme was 'Decades of Duct Tape' and the weekend began with a parade which featured the DeLorean from the movie 'Back to the Future". It took local high school students five months and 1,300 rolls of duct tape to build it, but the result was stunning.

The Duct Tape Festival started out with a small crowd, but the number of visitors has been steadily growing ever since. No wonder; it is entertainment for the entire family and will instill the desire to get creatively busy.

If you had attended the festival, you could have. Many rolls of duct tape were handed out at the festival. You would have been ready to roll!

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