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Friday, November 02, 2007

Critter's Cooings II

HI!!!! I thought I sneak back in here and pound away a little, since I enjoyed it so much last time. :-D

Guess what?! I am almost able to grab what I am going for! Yeah, those hands are starting to go where I want them to go. I am not sure whether everybody is so happy with that, haha. I love to get a hold of Oma's shirt and chew on it and since I am still drooling away... grin.

Oh, and I made such a discovery! I have just noticed those things at the end of my "chunkies". I think they are called feet. They look so funny, I am fascinated with them. I love to grab those and try to get them in my mouth, but for now I think I will stick to my fists, so much easier.
I am making lots of noises. Sometimes a bit too much, hehe. Opa hopes I am going to be a "talker". I found out I can make Opa and Oma laugh out loud, by letting out certain squeals. I start low and then get as high as I can. They think that is so funny, while I think their laugh is funny. I guess we are tickling each other with that, huh?

Oma tells me, the best place is in the kitchen. When she baby-sits me ( noooooooo, she doesn't sit on me, hahaha), she puts me in my walker, drives me into the kitchen and then starts doing all that stuff which is "supposed" to turn into something called supper. She also tells me to pay close attention, so one day I can do it. Ehhh... okay, not sure why??? Maybe so it actually turns out to be a supper?! I think she could use a cook-book. :-D

As you can see, I am trying to sit up, but it ain't going too well yet. But I am getting there. Hey.... stop looking at my chunkies! It's already hard enough to get them pinched every now and then. Although I have to admit I like it, I can't help but smile but try not to show it by turning my face away. When Oma notices that, she calls me a little stinker. Hah, she hasn't smelled nothing yet! Nah, that's not true, she has, so I guess she knows what she is talking about, sigh.

Well, time to go. :-D
I will be back! Ehh... I hope you don't take that as a threat, grin.

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