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Friday, September 25, 2009

Wire Art - Materials and Equipment

The choice in wire is rather large and you can find copper, brass and aluminum wire in any DIY store. Craft stores may sell beading wire which comes in several different colors. Don't worry about the color though, you can always spray paint your sculpture afterwards.

You will also need wire cutters and pliers to bend the wire in the desired shape. It may well be that you don't like to use pliers, but bend the wire by hand; whatever works best for you.

Soldering or welding the wire together is an option, but if you find another way to attach the wires, that would probably be better. Twisting the wires around each other may work out just fine. In case you create a small sculpture, you may be able to sculpt it from one long piece.

Be careful though when handling wire; the longer the wire, the greater the possibility of it whipping around and injuring either yourself or someone else. That is why it would be wise to wear safety glasses.

Keep in mind though that working too long and too much with wire could cause Carpal Tunnel Syndrome; so take regular breaks, stretch your hands and wiggle your fingers to avoid this condition!

You can find books online and possibly in craft stores as well. For work shops an Internet search will probably churn out some addresses where they are being held in your neighborhood.

Take your time with your creation; it does not appear to be a craft or art you can do under the wire!

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