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Arts and Crafts

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Reward

I have heard and read that the ultimate relaxation for a woman is a visit to the spa. I have not had the luxury of experiencing that myself, but I can imagine how nice it must be, being pampered all day. I also heard you don't need to bring anything; all the spa accessories are provided.

Having a mud bath seems cleansing to the body, although I can not say that it is very appealing to me being covered up. I would have the urge to wash it off as soon as possible and I can only suspect it is a messy business; the assistants probably go through many spa uniforms on a daily basis.

It must give a great sense of fulfillment to be working in a spa, knowing how you are part of taking away stress and tension and have made an art out of a profession. It must be a very rewarding job. Consider the joy that comes with putting on one of the salon uniforms, knowing you are going to make some one's day!

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