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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

The Art of Making Benefits Stretch

Our son in law has returned from Iraq and even though he was stationed there for only three months, we were grateful he came back healthy and well.

We are not sure what his plans for the future are. He will stay in the military and is planning on finding a house, but he may also want to consider a higher education, for which he could use the Post 911 GI Bill education benefits.

He could easily take the education online and it wouldn't matter where he would be living or was stationed. Ashworth College provides accredited, quality online education and with the Post 911 GI Bill, military personnel and their loved ones can get up to $13,500 for 36 months in education benefits.

Ashworth College is already 50% cheaper then any other recognized online school which makes the benefits stretch a lot further. They could go towards a spouse or other family member who wants to take advantage of the benefits by pursuing a higher education.

Ashworth offers all kinds of tuitions which could result in graduating without any debt. Many Military personnel will, due to the educational benefits of the Post 911 GI Bill and the already low prices from Ashworth College.

It is worth looking in to, because with an education from Ashworth, you will definitely get your money's worth!

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