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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Auto pART

My guess is that we are not the only ones pinching pennies where we can and trying to cut our expenses as much as possible. Saving money has pretty much become an art and requires a lot of creativity these days.

One thing I noticed we continually pour money in is our car; gas prices are constantly on the rise, insurance is not cheap either and we have to maintain our vehicle on a regular basis as well.

Those are just the common, every day things, but that does not include all the parts which need replacing when the vehicle breaks down. I came across a great way to save lots of money on the latter though. Buying OEM Car Parts can save a bundle!

You may have the artistic ability to fix cars; that in itself already saves a lot, but in case you are not so handy or technical, those cheaper parts can be installed by your own mechanic too.

You pay an arm and a leg just for the name by purchasing Original Equipment Manufacturer parts from the dealer. The OEM Auto Parts are a whole lot cheaper then the ones you buy at your dealership, but just as good.

Yes, I found a good art saving on an auto part!

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