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Monday, January 23, 2012

Twist Tie Art Part 2

You probably come across twist ties several times a day, because they can be found wrapped around many packaged food products, like bread, buns, bagels, vegetables, etc, or to close the garbage bag before you take out the trash.

The opinions are divided concerning the name of the actual person who invented the twist tie, but it is accredited to the company T and T Industries, Inc. which patented, manufactured and marketed it under the name Twist-Ems® in 1939.

I was aware of the fact that twist ties came in different colors, but I had no clue that those colors were an indication of freshness where bread was concerned.

The color of the twist tie around the plastic bag of bread in the U.S. tells you when what day of the week the bread was baked: for Mondays blue twist ties are used, for Tuesdays green, Thursdays are red, Fridays are white, and Saturdays are yellow. That makes it easier for both retailers and consumers to determine which loaf is freshly baked.

We may not give it another thought when we untwist the knot of the tie and probably throw it away along with the empty package, but since these twist ties are reusable they are great for arts and crafts. So, don't dispose of them; save them and use them for creative projects.

It is not difficult to understand where the name twist tie came from; you wrap it around something and twist the ends together to fasten it.

In case you were still in the dark about that you just got closure!

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