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Arts and Crafts

Friday, July 13, 2012

Leroy Neiman's Work

Leroy Neiman's list of paintings is as versatile and impressive as the artwork itself. After finding his calling in 1953, he has his first exhibit at the Chicago Artists and Vicinity Show in 1954 and wins several awards among which the National Art Directors Show in 1955.

He uses colors to captivate and give the public a taste of the moment and makes his first TV debut in 1957 in the Art Institute of Chicago TV Show, "Artist's Choice. He also travels a lot for illustrations for the Playboy Magazine for which he created "Man at His Leisure."

During the sixties, he paints many sporting events such as the Olympics, Tour de France, Kentucky Derby, Le Mans, the Indianapolis 500, ballets and many famous figures in the arts, sports, entertainment, and political world.

He also paints murals, sketches French restaurants and country sides, Dublin Horse Shows, backdrops for Broadway plays, sketches wildlife on safari; creates posters, paints New York Stock Exchange.

In the seventies, he begins to make etchings and lithographs and limited editions of serigraphs and illustrates Jose Torres' book on Mohammed Ali. Neiman also creates his art and covers many tournaments and other sporting events on TV and is the first one to create live computer art by using a computerized electronic pen for the CBS-TV coverage of the Super Bowl, New Orleans in 1978.

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