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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Candy Wrapper Art Materials and Equipment

We usually don't give the candy wrapper another thought, because we like to get to what's inside of it to satisfy our cravings for the sweetness it contains.

This is great material however for creating some wonderful and colorful works of art which cost you hardly anything. On the contrary; they could yield a profit which would otherwise have been thrown out and taken to the dump.

There are many candy wrapper art lessons, projects, instruction books and crafts online and in the stores and I sincerely doubt there is not one craft that wouldn't appeal to you and/or you can do.

You may not need much other equipment either; sometimes your hands are more then sufficient and in other cases such as this collage, scissors and glue may be in order.

For making wearable fashion, you will need scissors, glue, a template, and of course a sewing machine, needle and thread and an iron and ironing board to flatten out the wrinkles.

For most other projects; the free instructions, which you can find galore online, will tell you what else you need to successfully complete your work of art. If it doesn't work out the way you wanted then try again, because nothing is lost but some time and effort.

You probably gained something though; more experience, more practice and maybe a couple of pounds due to munching on all that candy!

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