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Arts and Crafts

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

State Of The Art For Less

I recently noticed that my eye sight has slowly but surely been taking a turn for the worse. Even though I already am using glasses, so I can read the fine print and see words instead of a black blur, I may need stronger glasses since I am starting to have some problems deciphering the small print again.

Getting a new prescription is no problem and neither is finding a pair of really cheap, fashionable, high quality glasses. The problem arises when having to determine which pair I would like best, because there is such an enormous choice in prescription glasses online at Zenni Optical.

There are way too many that highly appeal to me, but since the prices are so low there would be nothing preventing me from getting several different pair and alternate as I see fit or want. I would be getting at least two pair anyway, since I like to have one for use at home and one in the car; that way I never have to do without.

I truly enjoy browsing through all their glasses and am constantly astonished with all the creativity and artistic designs they offer. Zenni is a great example that you can wear state of the art glasses without paying an arm and a leg!

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