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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Where have all the pamphlets gone?

More and more businesses are redirecting their marketing budgets away from business cards and pamphlets and towards landing page design. It is no wonder considering more people spend their time online then they do meeting others face to face! When hearing about a new business, many enter the name into a search engine to do their research. When they find your company, you want to be sure they are greeted with a plethora of information and unique points about your business, in a visually exciting way.

The landing page is the new pamphlet, only ten times bigger and ten times more powerful. Your landing page should highlight the benefits and strengths of your business, while displaying a call to action for the reader. Now that they are on the site – what is it you want them to do?

For many, it is a page to display the newest and best products in their line. For others, the landing page serves as an informative page. No matter what your intended purpose for your landing page, the design of it is the most important factor. Your landing page should be designed in a way where the call to action is easy to find, but does not feel like an advertisement.

We are visual creature by nature, and will turn away from a page we do not find visually exciting. Also, your landing page design is a representation of your company as a whole and should represent your company’s values. A polished and professional page doesn’t need to be ‘stiff’ – it can also be fun, exciting, and interactive, but it does need to come across polished and professional! Your visitors will judge your company and its products by the landing page which is why you need to put your best food forward when it comes to the design!

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