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Monday, July 08, 2013

The Importance of the Learner Profile Statement

Guest post by Charlie N

One of the key documents that explains the mission of the Australian Christian College is titled the “Learner Profile.” It explains the Biblical mission used to prepare students in spirit and also physically, academically and socially. This ensures that students are properly equipped to influence the world in a positive manner as ambassadors of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. The "Learner Profile" explains the Caboolture schools and their mission at Australian Christian College. These are the primary, Biblical qualities that are nurtured in students:

A Centre in Christ

The truth of the Bible is presented in an effort to help students embrace the truth and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. The truth is taught as a historical reality that is supported by the scripture. Once they learn these timeless truths and establish a personal relationship with Christ, they are prepared to communicate the Bible with persuasive courage.

A Doctrine of Inquiry

The natural curiosity of students is developed and allowed to grow. This creates an urge to make inquiries and explore the truth, challenge suppositions, look at alternatives and test theories. This critical thinking process of inquiry ensures positive actions by students in life.

Planting Confidence

Students are shown that they were created in God’s image to perform good work. With the knowledge of who they are and what road they need to travel, students grow confident and bold.


Solving complex problems with critical thought becomes part of their nature. This allows students to easily adapt to societal changes while still remaining different from peers.

Other critical qualities are instilled in students. Please click on the Learner Profile page to learn more.

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