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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Does Fear Have A Reason

It was such a lovely day. My girls were around the age of 7 and 5 at that time. It was summer vacation, so they were out of school and getting bored. My eldest loved swimming (and still does) and wanted to go to the swimming pool. Oh, oh...there it was. Fear! All kinds of catastrophic scenarios rushed through my mind. To go to the pool meant to go by bike, the car was unavailable at that time. My knees, hands and wrists were very inflamed and painful.
Fear no 1: I won't make it, the ride may be too far. It wasn't that far at all, but being in pain it seemed like from here to the moon ( exaggerating here, can you tell? haha.) And walking? A snail would have beat me to it! So if I didn't make it, how would we get back?
Fear no 2: If we made it, I would have to sit or lay down on the grass. I would never make it back up without any help. The girls were too small to hoist me up. So I would have to ask someone else. The embarrassment! What would they think?
Fear no 3: We would still have to make it back from the moon afterwards. Same fear as no 1.
Fear no 4: It would all aggravate my joints and I would pay dearly.
So, I told my girls I was in too much pain to go. I didn't even make an effort. Fear deprived the girls from a nice day and me from some cherished moments and memories.

Fear tends to take away so much in our lives, in every aspect, not just when you have an illness, although I think it adds to it, big time. With my illness, the consequence of everthing I want to do is pain. No one wants that. So the fear of pain, often/most of the times/always (you can answer that for yourselves:-), prevents us from enjoying God's blessings. Buzzzzz......wrong answer!!! WE prevent us. By giving in to the fear. By running from fear instead of to it. I will show you and you can form your own opinion on it.

Running from fear...That is what I did by only thinking about what could go wrong, could happen or could be a consequence. So allowing the fear to make the decision, I didn't go.
Running to fear...I would have considered all these things and have had Faith that God provides. On account of my fears: We would have made it, even if it meant we had to take a little break half way. Somebody would have helped me, and it doesn't matter what they think or how it appears, I could have explained. And I may not have had any more pain afterwards at all and if so, I could have taken some more Ibuprofen. If I myself had made the decision, in spite of fear, I would have gone. See how it works?

Fear is there for a reason. It makes you alert to areas that need attention. It's good to consider why it is present and face it. I am facing my fears. Not always successfully yet. It still roars it's ugly head every now and then, but I am mastering it, with God's help. Love, Hope and Faith bring life. Things done other then out of these three, bring forth nothing good. I found there is only one good fear. The fear of God:-)

Have you noticed how allowing fear robs you, and your loved ones around you, of joy and hope? How it stalls life?

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