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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Who Considers This?

I had an appointment with my rheumatologist ( I will call her Dr. O from here on) yesterday afternoon. That same morning the phone rang. It was one of the assistants of Dr. O. She called to reschedule, for Dr. O had been in that morning, but went home sick. I was grateful I didn't have any pressing issues, so I didn't mind to reschedule for a later date, but it did make me consider something. How often do I think of Dr.O, or any doctor for that matter, getting sick? Actually....never! I admit I would prolly even laugh at first if someone would have posed the idea of a doc getting sick. It made me question and judge myself: why?

Let me tell you about Dr.O. She is the most wonderful, caring doctor I have met so far! From the moment I met her, she has shown me nothing but concern for my well-being, kindness, care and gentleness. Not just for my RA, but for every single aspect of my life. Every small ache, change or discomfort is taken into consideration, or taken action upon. Every preventing measure she will not let go by as she keeps a close watch on my health.

When we got to know each other better, she even showed interest and sympathy in/for my personal life. Asks about my girls, if all is well at home etc. One time, when she was behind on her schedule, she popped her head around the door of the waiting room where I was in, just to let me know she was being late and that it would not take much longer before she would see me. And she even apologized for being behind.

She suggests what I could or should do, gives me her opinion of what would be best and why, but leaves the decisions up to me. She takes the time to answer my questions and doesn't hesitate to tell me if/when she has not enough information to answer. She truly is a gem! I have a very high opinion of her, as a doctor and a person. I think you can tell huh, haha?

And now she is sick. Which dismantles the belief that a doctor won't/can't get sick, just because he/she is a doctor. And I am grateful for it. That belief was false and needed to be replaced with the truth. A doctor is a person, like you and me. Not a God in a white coat ( I still notice elderly people looking up at them, afraid to ask what they don't understand or want to know), but flesh and blood, with the same flaws, mistakes and imperfections as me. They too need our prayers!

So it makes me wonder if you already had considered this, or was it just a false belief on my part?

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